The War Podcast

The War Podcast will put a human face on war, increasing listeners’ understanding of this essential driver of human society throughout the ages.

Everything we have, or do not have, is due to war. Yet for too many societies, war is associated with “over there” despite the fact that war, conflict and violence profoundly influence all our lifestyles, even if we don’t know it, or choose to ignore it.

The War Podcast will present themes of war with compassion, for all people to understand.

Each one-hour episode will focus on a theme — such as the lure of war; child and civilian casualties; journalists who cover war; veterans and their families; healing trauma through art; journalists who used to be soldiers; refugees; war orphans; dealing with traumatic brain injury; the new way of war; amputee rehabilitation; the quandary of leadership; PTSD in civilians, journalists & soldiers. 

Episode 07 - Bittersweet Homecoming

On this week's episode, we hosted Murtaza Mohammadi, a young Afghan who was forced to migrate and leave everything behind twice before hitting the age of 40. He candidly shares his experience as a refugee who returned home only to be exiled again. Through his story, you will be introduced to Afghanistan with an authenticity that headlines don't allow. 

Episode 06 - When the Dust Cleared

On this episode on The War Podcast we speak to Jason Criss Howk, a veteran, author and advocate.  Jason leads @GFAfghanistan , an initiative that "aims to help the world understand Afghanistan and the needs of Afghan people". 

Episode 05 - Mightier Than the Sword

On this episode we talked to Samman Akbarzada, an Afghan author, who tells us the story of her life and how she had to deal with obstacles from multiple directions to pursue her dream of writing amidst the war.

Episode 03 - The Sleeping Monster

Our guest for this week, is professor and neuropsychologist Anthony Feinstein who discusses his work and findings on mental health amongst Afghan journalists. Anthony Feinstein is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and a neuropsychiatrist. His research and clinical work focuses on people with multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and Conversion Disorder.

Episode 04 - Hanging up the Uniform

This week on The War Podcast, we talk to US Air Force veteran Erin Frescas  about experiencing war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Learn from Erin's candid stories about the effects war has on veterans. 

Episode 01 - Down the Rabbit Hole with Col Mustafa Nooristani

Episode 01 of the new season brings you former Afghan police officer Col Mustafa Nooristani who tells us about the trials and tribulations of being a police officer in a country where corruption was rampant and the only way to survive honestly was through pure luck and even that wasn't enough sometimes.

Episode 02 - Women of Afghanistan with Sediqa Fahimi

Co-Founder of GirlsCanInpsire, Sediqa Fahimi, speaks to us of her beginnings and hardships she faced growing up in Afghanistan with the war in the background affecting her every single decision and that of her family. She tells us how she went through a journey of self-discovery that led to her ultimate redemption.