Afghanistan: society, culture and policing

Amidst the evolving landscape in Afghanistan and with an eye for the future, we have published a policy brief titled "Afghanistan: Society, Culture, and Policing" has recently been published. The document aims to shed light on the intricate dynamics between society, culture, and the role of policing in Afghanistan and how the compendium of failures led to the failure of Afghanistan police force despite extensive investment and attention. In line the backdrop of recent developments, this policy brief delves into the complexities of Afghan society, emphasizing the need for nuanced approaches that respect cultural sensitivities while promoting effective policing practices. With a focus on fostering stability and security, the brief provides essential insights into the intricate interplay between these critical elements.

Drawing upon its comprehensive analysis, the policy brief offers a series of recommendations aimed at policymakers and stakeholders invested in shaping the future of policing in Afghanistan. It underscores the need for comprehensive training programs that equip police officers with the cultural knowledge, language skills, and community-oriented policing approaches necessary to build trust and foster positive relationships with local communities.